Links on Cognitive Science and
Second Language Acquisition

Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science Research Cluster on Language Studies. Features Linguistic Theory, Language Processing, Language Acquisition and Language and Cognition:

Center for Advanced research on language acquisition (U. of Minnesota) Conferences, publications, working papers, assessment tools, etc.

Eurosla (The European Second Language Association) Contains The Clarion (The Magazine of the European Second Language Association).

Bilingualism database. The University of Birmingham

Bamboo: A digest of English Language Education and Applied Linguistics from Asia

Virtual Library Linguistics: Research, Publications, Language Resources, Pedagogy, Announcements, Services, etc.

Linguistics Links on the Internet. Department of Applied Linguistics Portland State University

Linguistics Abstracts on line. Designed to revolutionize research and teaching by giving immediate access via the World Wide Web to more than 15,000 abstracts from nearly 400 linguistics journals published since 1985.  Use Linguistics Abstracts Online to: conduct quick, accurate and comprehensive research when writing papers prepare teaching materials for students compile bibliographies and check references.

Myths and Misconceptions about Second Language Learning. ERIC digest based on a report published by the National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning, University of California, Santa Cruz

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