About us

These are some of the areas we currently explore, along with some samples of our work:

Readers, Characters, and Theory of Mind
"Literary Consciousness: Fictional Minds, Real  Implications" by Isabel Jaén

Cognitive Science and the Arts: Theoretical and Pedagogical Issues
"Cognitive Science and the Comparative Arts: Implications for Theory and Pedagogy" by Steven Pierson

Consciousness and Dreams: Beyond Psychoanalysis
"State of Consciousness: Dreams, Literature, and the Neurochemistry of the Brain" by Isabel Jaén

New Approaches to Identity in Literature: The Self
"Multiplicity of Selves in Olga Savary's Poetry" by Julien Simon

Genre Prototypes and Categorization
"Prototypes of Genre in Cervantes' Novelas ejemplares" by Howard Mancing (pdf)

Emotion and Literature
"The Romantic Syndrome: A Neuropsychological Perspective" by Isabel Jaén

Theory of Mind
"Theory of Mind and Literature" by Howard Mancing (abstract)

Any comments and/or suggestions about our research are welcomed and appreciated: Please contact us and let us know. 

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