Key Sites

Project Narrative
An interdisciplinary forum to promote research and teaching in narrative studies. It deals with narrative in all its forms, from everyday storytelling to films and world's literature.

Metaphor Center
If you work with metaphor, here's an extensive compilation of material. Includes articles on-line and a bibliography on metaphor and cognitive science, annotated.

Mark Turner's Page
 You'll find information on Turner's work and will be able to read some of his articles on-line. He also includes a complete list of links.

Literature, Cognition, and the Brain
Another top site for  the  literary scholar interested in cognitive science. Contains bibliography, abstracts, reviews, a list of useful sites and much more...

IPSA: Institute for Psychological Study of the Arts
Includes the Online journal PsyArt and a link to The International in Literature and Psychology, among other very valuable resources.

CogWeb: Cognitive Cultural Studies.
Check the section on cognitive cultural studies and see what issues have been recently debated on cognitive science and literary theory. The MLA has held  sessions since 1997 and is calling for papers for the December 2001 conference (New Orleans).

Cognitive Science, Humanities and the Arts
Page affiliated to "Literature, Cognition, and the Brain." Features a thematic bibliography. It also comes with a list of journals and keeps you posted on conferences related to cognitive science and humanities.

Cognitive Science and Literature and Composition
Contains "Cognitive Science: Defining an Inter discipline," a collection of definitions of cognitive science. It treats the connection between literature and this discipline and the application of cognitive science in the teaching of a literature and composition courses.


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